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As a result of the compassionate care we deliver, we develop lasting relationships with our patients. Many times we hear from our patients about how Dr. Shaya and the staff at Emergency Neurosurgical Specialists have helped them. For those of you we hear from, we thank you for passing along your kind words. See some of our favorites below.

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From Vitals.com

My experience with Dr. Shaya was amazing. I am a 36 [year old] female who suffered from chronic lower back pain and sciatica for three (3) years. During the last few months I was walking with a cane taking all types of medication for pain and including high blood pressure medications. When I met Dr. Shaya he assured me that after L4, L5 laminectomy with fusion I would be fine. I trusted him, went to surgery and I can honestly say that I got my life back. Immediately after surgery I had no sciatica pain. I am now 1 month post-operative, no longer taking pain medications nor high blood pressure meds and I am walking, exercising and doing everything I couldn't do before. Thank you Dr. Shaya. You helped me gain my life again. I highly recommend Dr. Shaya and his friendly and helpful staff. -- Elizabeth P.

Surprised that he recommended non-surgical options and traction and I'm somewhat better without surgery. If I need surgery in the future, I will return no doubt. -- Max P.

I was scared at first to have the surgery on my spine but, I don't regret it. I am 48 years old and I had terrible back pain. It was so bad that I couldn't even kneel down and had trouble standing straight after sitting down for a few minutes. But, after the surgery it all went away. I feel no more pain or discomfort from my back. Two weeks after the surgery I was walking like if I didn't just have major surgery. If I had to have neuro surgery again I would choose Dr. Shaya. This doctor is outstanding. I highly recommend him. -- Felisa T.

A friend and neurosurgical nurse told me to see Dr. Shaya after my diagnosis of a tumor inside my spinal cord. She worked in the NY/NJ area and Florida and said she would only go to him. He successfully removed the tumor. Another physician working with Dr. Shaya told me he thought no other neurosurgeon could have performed this surgery with positive results. Mark Shaya is caring, follows up, and is always available. I have my life back. And I have a hero who through an incredible surgical skill has allowed me to continue walking. -- Terry

6 years jumping out of planes had caused me some back pain. After 2 years of pills, physical therapy, shots, massage, electrode therapy, witch doctors, and medicine men, I finally found the one doctor who is no nonsense. He has fixed at least 3 fellow paratroopers that I know who recommended him. My father had the same symptoms as me when he was my age and is now much worse for wear because he waited. I had an MRI and X-ray, sat down with Dr. Shaya after a 15 minute wait. He immediately saw the problem and explained my surgery wasn't urgent but it would be in a year or so. 6 weeks after the operation I was back to lifting light weights and the pain is almost gone. I am suggesting him to my father as his surgery done by another doctor has not helped. Dr. Shaya is absolutely a genius. – Rob H.

I am a 48 year old male who has experienced sciatica from time to time over the last several years. In Jan 2013 the pain became intolerable and I went to the ER. Simple tasks like walking or standing would nearly bring me to tears. I was diagnosed with a herniated disk and stenosis. An MRI was ordered and I was referred to Dr. Shaya.

During my first visit with Dr. Shaya I was impressed with his direct, no nonsense approach. He reviewed the imaging with me and immediately determined that I needed surgery on L2-L5 ASAP. Surgery took place 4 days later and the relief of the debilitating pain was immediate and complete! It has now been one month since the surgery, I have had zero complications, and I am feeling stronger every day. Dr. Shaya truly restored my quality of life! -- Harold T.

Dr. Shaya was the third doctor I visited about my cervical spine. I knew, as soon as I talked to him, I wanted him to perform my ACDF surgery. Dr. Shaya is very professional, direct and to the point. He explained the surgery in a way I could understand along with possible results and what to expect while recovering. He answered all my questions clearly. Additionally all of his experienced office staff was helpful and courteous. When in the hospital, Dr. Shaya visited at least once every day to check on my progress.

I am 65 years old and in my opinion my recovery has [been] very fast for ACDF surgery on 4 levels (C3 through C6 vertebra). I credit Dr. Shaya's technique and experience for my quick recovery. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of my surgery and recovery period and am giving Dr. Shaya my highest possible recommendation. -- Pete S.

I had a back surgery less than a month ago that involved spinal fusion of 2 discs and laminectomy of a 3rd one. Being in the medical field, I had spent at least 2 weeks researching neurosurgeons that I can trust with this surgery. Dr. Shaya got excellent reviews and always topped any list of recommendations I could find.

I got to experience the excellent service first hand when I made my first appointment to see him. The office staff were excellent and friendly. Dr. Shaya is an intelligent physician, direct to the point and gives a convincing explanation to any treatment plan including surgery if needed. I had the surgery done just a week from the time and I saw him, and the recovery is going extremely well considering it was an invasive surgery. I highly recommend him, and am very grateful to this man. -- Sam B.

I have had two surgeries from Dr. Mark Shaya. One to stabilize two compression fractures. Which I have no pain or problems with whatsoever. My second was to decompress my C1 through T4 vertebra with kyphosis correction. Which came out quite well. Just an example of how thorough he is, when I woke up after surgery I had a choice of four different pain meds to pick from. I wish he could be my family doctor as well!!
-- Marque M.

From RateMDs.com

Dr. Shaya is a genius to say the least. He treated my case with sense of urgency and gave it to me straight. I met a few neuros not really sure what to do and after meeting him I was confident that he was the best. I believe he gave me the best advice and my pain was completely gone after my surgery just as he explained my neck is almost perfect 3 days after my surgery ... Love you Doc!!!

When I went to see Dr. Shaya about my neck problem, military doctors had been telling me for years that I had a torn muscle in my neck. I saw Dr. Shaya on a Friday and on Monday I was having surgery on my neck. I had two disks removed and three of my vertebra fused together. I thought that my welding career was over, however, within a month I was completely pain free. That was amazing considering that for the past 7 years other doctors had been wrong about my neck problem.

It has been three months since my surgery and I feel amazing, better than ever. To top things off his office staff are super nice. Even talking to other of his patients in the office, I never heard anything bad about Dr. Shaya only good things. I want to thank Dr. Shaya and his amazing office staff for getting me to where I needed to be. My overall quality of life has doubled since I had my first visit. Thank you.