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Emergency Neurosurgical Specialists

On-Call Care

Accidents and injuries can happen anytime and anywhere – during a football game, at the gym, on the job, or at home. Emergency Neurosurgical Specialists in Coral Gables, Florida will be there for you no matter what. Evening and weekend hours are available by appointment.

If you have a neurological issue that requires urgent medical attention, we can evaluate your condition in the office prior to treating you at one of the local hospitals. Miami neurosurgeon Dr. Mark Shaya may recommend traction therapy, pain injections, or medication, all of which we can provide without a trip to the hospital. Neurosurgery procedures may be performed at the hospital.

For diagnostic purposes, we work in conjunction with local imaging centers at a very reasonable price for both urgent and non-urgent situations – all within very close proximity of our office.

Four of the best-rated hospitals in Miami, Florida are located within a five mile radius of our office. If Dr. Shaya determines that you need to go to the hospital, he is affiliated with:

Call (305) 325-4873 for evening and weekend appointments. Our on-call care team will respond as quickly as possible to take care of your needs.